Tiny Miracles

As anyone from Michigan knows we have some of the worst winters ever. Michigan weather is just spastic, kind of like a moody teenager. This particular winter has been no different with it's wild fluctuations between "Wow this is so nice, I don't even need my coat today" and "Well I'm wearing so many layers I look like a marshmallow and I still think I might freeze to death, let's stay inside and watch Netflix instead."

It was halfway between no-coat warmth and human marshmallow chill when the boiler at the Harbor House decided to rest from it's labors and went rejoicing out of this world, to my great dismay. A house full of girls coming home to a cold house in the middle of winter would surely end in complaints and dramatically overstated suffering- the kind only a teenage girl can truly portray. As I stood there on the phone with Luke, staring mournfully at the now useless boiler and wondering nervously about the cost of a new one, I had no idea that this particular need had already been answered. 

A month before this Luke and Eva had put on the Community Needs Wish List the need for a new boiler. Not because ours was failing, but because it was old and it made sense to update it eventually. The tiny miracle is that God knew our boiler would die on us and put it upon the hearts of the JT Sackett Memorial Fund to answer this wish. Their donation of $5,000 not only complete floored us, but it also covered 97% of the cost for our brand new boiler, which was installed only a week after our old one broke down. Thankfully Luke was able to find a number of portable radiators for us to use in the days before the new one was installed, though the chill still caused varying degrees of dramatics from each girl in turn. 

All of us at the Harbor House would simply like to extend our immense thanks to Adams Heating & Cooling for installing our new boiler, and for the generosity of the JT Sacket Fund, for answering a much needed wish and warming our hearts! (pun intended)