Current Projects

Apartment bathroom Remodel // In progress

Purpose: Independent living & resource center

There is an apartment located on the south side of The Harbor House that is separate from the house itself. It currently serves two purposes: First the apartment provides reasonably priced housing and an independent living situation for two college-aged females, who will be given the opportunity to interact with the family in the main house and be "big sisters" to any of the resident teen girls. 

goals & progress

Our new goal is a complete remodel of the bathroom. Thankfully all other construction in the apartment is finished!  

Current Progress: The last part of the apartment that needs to be remodeled is the bathroom, which has been completely gutted and is now being re-fitted with the necessary appliances. 

projected cost: covered!

Volunteer Needs

  • None

resource Need

  • None


Carriage House // in progress

purpose: maintenance & storage

There is a carriage house on the property that desperately needs to be renovated. This structure will house the maintenance shop, which will be vital to ongoing operational needs. It will also provide extra storage for grounds keeping equipment, recreational gear, and supplies for community & hospitality events and programs. 

goals & progress

Our main goals now include restructuring the building's interior so that we can bring the carriage house to a useable and functional state. 

Current Progress: We have stabilized the west side of the structure and installed a new floor & rafters in the same area. The roof is now completely re-shingled and stabilized and new vinyl siding has been added to one side of the building.

projected cost: TBD

volunteer needs

Individuals or Work Crews to help

  • Restructure interior of building

resource needs

  • TBD