Invest your skills in making a positive impact on our girls & our community. There are plenty of ways you can get involved.


Join our hospitality ministry

  • During our hospitality events, we can always use more volunteers: serving, set up, take down, meal prep, or providing some delicious baked goods!

Participate in programming 

  • If you have a specific talent you'd like to share, we'd love to have you come and pass on your passion! We're looking for individuals to inspire and instruct not only our girls, but young women from the community as well. You could teach a practical skill, creative arts, or even lead a bible study- the possibilities are endless.

be a mentor

  • Provide a caring heart and a listening ear to a specific girl in this one-on-one ministry. The girls we serve thrive under the encouragement and companionship they receive when mentored by a woman from the community. Ideally, mentors would be able to get together with the girl they're mentoring twice a month for a consistent connection.

get involved in a work project

  • Calling all builders, painters, carpenters, and anyone not afraid to do some heavy lifting! A great opportunity for individuals, families, and business/church service groups, this is an ongoing need as we consistently have building projects to work on either getting the house renovated or helping someone in the community. Check out the projects page to see our current needs →

Help with groundskeeping

  • For those who love playing in the dirt. Since we're centrally located our goal is to have a garden that can be enjoyed by the whole community. If you'd like to come help keep our grounds beautiful by weeding, landscaping, or gardening, we'd love to have you! 

provide respite

  • Our founders & house parents do an amazing job of being there for the girls who live in the house, but everyone needs a break once in a while! You can offer your support by filling in and staying at the house or with the girls while the house parents have a date night, or are away on a trip. All caregivers & volunteers in this position must be female. 

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